Lipojen Lip Plumper is a moisturizing treatment gloss infused with revolutionary technology which has been developed from a natural tripeptide Palmitoyl-Gly-His-Lys to help increase of lip volume, reduce lip wrinkles and improve lip contour. Contains Shea Butter, Vitamin E for perfect mousturizing and UVB filters to protect lips from damaging UVB rays.

Patented Oligopeptide technology in LIPOJEN enhances the volume of lips safely and painlessly by stimulating lips to produce their own collagen.

What to expect:
The natural tripeptides and herbal extracts with in Lipojen have a significant volumizing effect on lips.

Instant effect:
The selected herbal extracts inside Lipojen stimulates blood circulation on lips to provide a quick lip plumpping effect. After you apply Lipojen, lips become fuller, softer and younger in just seconds.

Permanent Effect:
The oligopeptide technolgy inside Lipojen stimulates lips to produce their own collagen. In just 30 days, lips becomes fuller and softer to touch with a regular use.


  • Helps firmer, softer, plumper, younger-looking lips
  • Improves moisture and reduces cheilitis (dry flakes)
  • Helps to enhance and define the lips
  • Helps enhance the volume of the lips
  • Helps provide comfort to the skin, reduces dryness and roughness
  • Lips are softer and fuller to the touch